The company was founded in 1897 by a local farmer's son, Albin Grönberg. Originally, the business was centered around work connected with the local metal forge and repairs of agricultural machinery. Around 1920, the company branched out and began manufacturing simple threshing machines.

In 1927, the foundry began operating. This enabled the company to begin manufacturing of straw fans and grits mills. The 1930's was a time of considerable expansion for the company. With the increase of popularity of the combine harvester the need for straw choppers arose. The production of these started around 1950 and they have remained the core of the company's engineering manufacturing line.

The company was owned and operated by the Grönberg family for three generations (right up to 1983 in fact, when the company was taken over by Karl-Erik & Arne Bender). In 1988, Sven Johan Persson acquired Rekordverken which then became part of the group of companies known as Runstenengruppen.

Today, Rekordverken's manufactured products are mainly straw choppers, chaff spreaders and wrappers for square bales. Since 1992, the company has gone on to manufacturing of the Vestmek range of products which includes transport fans for silage and hay, hay distributors, dischargers, belt conveyers, silage handling equipment for silos, bale choppers and so on.

The total number of employees has been increasing over the years and is now around 70.


Rekordverkens company trucks from the end of 1940, with workers, from the left, Erik Nyberg, Gustav Gustavsson and Olle Karlsson.