About Rekord

Rekordverken has since 1950 been a major supplier of straw choppers to combine manufacturers in Europe and America. Customers are offered the latest technique in chopping and spreading of straw and chaff. Rekordverken has an intensive collaboration with different combine manufacturers, farmers and several institutions for continues development of straw chopping and chaff spreading machinery.

Today, Rekordverken's manufactured products are mainly straw choppers, chaff spreaders and wrappers for square bales. Since 1992, the company has gone on to manufacturing of the Vestmek range of products which includes transport fans for silage and hay, hay distributors, dischargers, belt conveyers, silage handling equipment for silos, bale choppers and so on.

The total number of employees has been increasing over the years and is now around 70.

Rekordverken is certified ISO 9001 and is a part of the swedish group of companys called Runstenengruppen.